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Hello and welcome to Levy Press! 

I’m a Vietnamese French and living with my small family in France. I have been a teacher of languages to adults and children at all levels for many years.

Our family started Levy Press at the beginning of the year 2022 as a side job as we love doing creative things. We had zero education in writing and design but it was not a big obstacle. We self-taught by watching Youtube and joining an excellent masterclass of publishing bookStep by step, we are proud to introduce our business to you. 

Besides, all the income of this business will go to the saving for our little daughter. We surely look forwards to bringing more and more meaningful works to our clients and hopefully with the contribution of our girl in the works.

We are look forwards to receiving your contributions so that we can make approvement and provide you with the best works.

Thank you for all your support to Levy Press!

Levy Press


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We always enjoy being around and doing things together!

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