Pregnancy journals

For both the lady and her spouse, becoming pregnant is one of the most memorable experiences in life. Why not record those events in a pregnancy journal since most people will recall them with joy.

A pregnant journal is useful for a variety of different reasons besides emotional ones. For instance, you might notice some mood shifts as your hormones begin to run amok. You may find it easier to deal with these changes if you write about your symptoms and emotions.

Additionally, your gynecologist may want you to monitor your condition on a daily basis, and you may develop “pregnancy brain” (having a hard time remembering things due to hormonal disbalance). Therefore, keeping a pregnant journal should help you remember things.

You can also record changes in your self-perception as you get ready to become a parent, fantasies about the baby, plans for the baby’s nursery, and even your baby shower in your pregnancy diary. You can also keep track of the baby’s movements, inertia, hiccups, turns, and, if necessary, Braxton hicks or contractions.

It’s a fantastic approach to wrap up the journey with your birth story in the end.

keeping track of your feelings, appetites, physical changes, and baby’s movements;
keeping a journal of your memories from this memorable period so you can later, perhaps even with your child, share them.

WHO’S IT BEST FOR? Couples and expectant mothers.

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