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Are you an avid reader? Do you simply prefer staying home on the weekends and reading a book in your favorite chair? Maybe you’re in a book club too. If the response to both questions is “yes” then we have one question for you: how can you even survive without a reading journal?

A great technique to evaluate the book you’re reading is to keep a reading log. You can use it to jot down reflections on the chapters that particularly spoke to you or to store memorable quotes.

A reading log is essential when participating in a book club session. To be honest, we forget the majority of the thoughts and feelings that are racing through our heads when we read. This is why it’s a good idea to write them down in your diary and have them available whenever you want to share your ideas with the group.

If you’d prefer not to keep a paper journal, you can always use Goodreads, where you may post your own reviews, make plans for future reading, and read those of others.

keeping all the quotations you think are significant and helpful in one location;
keeping a record of every book you read for easy access;
You are consistently prepared for the book club meeting.

The ideal audience for this website is readers;
Book club members and quote enthusiasts.

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