Dream journals

Essentially, when we dream, we are processing all the things that have happened to us that day or over a longer period of time in a symbolic and wholly personal way. It’s always beneficial to think back on our dreams because they act as a mirror of how we see the world. It may be doubly significant if you’re seeing a therapist.

Unfortunately, because dreams are sometimes lengthy and complex, we frequently forget them (though seconds to minutes short in real-time). Dream retention is influenced by our brain wave patterns, the time of the REM phase, the consistency of the dream’s logic, and other factors.

Journaling is a fantastic technique to keep your dream from fading into obscurity. It’s much more probable that you’ll remember more details if you keep your dream journal next to your bed and record your dreams as soon as you wake up. As you continue to record your dreams, you might find that your general dream memory improves.

If you’re unsure which form of diary to start with, keeping a dream journal can be a wonderful place to start.


improved dream analysis and retention;


those who may need to discuss their dreams during therapy sessions;

those who are interested in self-analysis and want to incorporate dream analysis into their introspective practice;

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Our dream journals to discover

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