30 Fun and Effective Ways to Use a Blank Notebook

Many unused journals lying around? Avoid wasting them! A blank notebook can be used for practically anything, including bullet journaling, tracking journals, pregnancy journals, artistic journals, sport journals and more. Here are 30 creative and useful ways to use those extra blank or partially used notebooks!

One of the most thrilling experiences is receiving a brand-new blank notebook. So much potential and freedom exist! The sensation of opening the front cover and feeling the paper in your hands might be enticing. However, it can also be very frightening! Sometimes the first page’s emptiness can be daunting and give you the impression that you’ll undoubtedly spoil this lovely thing.

You could be enticed to store this lovely blank notebook (together with the other blank notebooks you’ve gathered) on your shelf. I am familiar with the particular aggravation that comes from having a sizable collection of unused journals.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered dozens of uses for gorgeous blank notebooks after several years of journal investigation. Grab your favorite pen and join us if you’re ready to be motivated to tackle your journal collection.

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30 Ways to Use a Blank Notebook

Hobby Journal

Do you have a lot of hobbies? Then record all of your projects and purchases for your hobbies in a diary! Draw out preliminary plans for them, measure for tasks, and make a list of things you need or want to get later. So that you won’t forget important details, you will have a record of all the work you have done.

Lists of 100

I really love Kathleen Adams’s Journal to the Self’s List of 100 technique, which I adopted. See what insights you can uncover by keeping a journal specifically for this wonderful practice!

Dream diary

Are you curious about the significance of your dreams? Trying to master the art of lucid dreaming? A dream journal is then a must! Keep a journal next to your bed, and when you wake up, record your midnight exploits.


A blank notebook that is completely blank and lacks any lines or grids would be ideal for a sketchbook. To doodle or scribble down your initial thoughts, you don’t need expensive paper.

Daily events

A blank notebook that is completely blank and lacks any lines or grids would be ideal for a sketchbook. To doodle or scribble down your initial thoughts, you don’t need expensive paper.

Lettering practice book

Are you into handwriting? Why not utilize one of your empty blank notebooks to practice as you are aware that practice is necessary for improvement? Get your blank notebook out and start practicing like crazy!

It’s not difficult to learn brush lettering, which is a wonderful ability. All you need is the correct learning tool. Check out my free email course to get started if you want to learn how to write letters.

Time tracker

A time tracker is an excellent tool if you work for yourself or just want to better manage your calendar. Simply jot down the time when you switch tasks in a notepad that you keep next to your desk so you can later assess how much time you spent on each work.

If you procrastinate, using this technique can be the best way to identify your weak points and make the necessary adjustments. Even though it’s quite simple to set up, time tracker stickers let you give it a little extra personality and fun.

Planning a wedding or party

Organizing a party may be exciting or stressful. Use one blank notebook solely for your planning to keep everything organized! This is especially helpful if you’re planning a wedding and are engaged. To avoid losing your mind, one journal can serve as the central repository for all color swatches, appointments, music playlists, registry information, and more.

Vision journal

Do you know what a vision board is? Think about doing that in a journal! Write forth your most irrational dream for your ideal life. Cut out images from magazines, put in your own portraits, and dream unrestrictedly. Don’t know where to begin with this enjoyable project? Try out this page one workout!

Health log

Keeping a health log may become your new favorite activity if you have any kind of physical or mental ailment. You may keep track of all your signs and symptoms, as well as your triggers, medications, and other pertinent information.

You can then more easily manage your circumstances and spot the larger patterns! Additionally, you can talk to your doctor about your health journal and have a better conversation about next measures.

Food journal

Give a new blank notebook to the topic of health because it’s so crucial to life! Keep a journal of everything you eat and drink (food journal), and make a permanent shopping list to bring with you when you go to the store. If you keep a food journal, you should also record your calorie intake. It’s the ideal way to keep an eye on your diet!

Gardening journal

An excellent tool for those with a green thumb is a gardening notebook. Keep a thorough inventory of all the plants in your house, on your patio, or in your food garden. Make a schedule so you’ll know exactly when to water your monstera or fertilize your string of pearls. A gardening notebook is a great option if you want to keep your green babies happy and healthy.

Memory book

To record significant events in your life, use a blank notebook, and add pictures or sketches. Record significant life events, vacations, and other priceless experiences in it like you would in a casual scrapbook. You can keep it for yourself or give it to someone you care about, like your kids.

Get an instant camera and make it a habit to take spontaneous pictures for your photo album. Use it as you want to be creative! Be sure to enjoy yourself and create some fantastic memories.

Habbit tracker

I’m a huge admirer of trackers and logs, as you can probably tell at this point. My habit tracker is my favorite of all the trackers! This one is currently in my watercolor planner, but it is readily transferrable to a separate journal. Simply check the box each day to indicate if you carried out your chosen behaviors (good or poor). Your regular routines and patterns will eventually show up, so you can work on whatever habit modifications you desire!

Mutual love note

This one is for all of you couples out there. Use a single journal that you maintain for love messages (maybe a classy leather journal like this). Send your sweetheart a letter in which you express your most sentimental thoughts. Your note will be there when he or she takes it up to pen their own personal message. Over time, you can amass some lovely memories and make a priceless memento to cherish for a long time.

Morning pages

Try writing Morning Pages if you’ve ever found it difficult to maintain a regular journal. The Morning Pages helped me establish a daily practice of journal writing after years of attempting to do so. I’ve now retained this habit for a few years.

Bullet journal

If I didn’t mention the bullet journal, I would be negligent. This planning and writing approach is great for getting started with organizing. Any old blank notebook you have hanging around is fine for it, and you can make it as flowery or as fun as you like. To get started, read my comprehensive bullet journal cheat sheet.

Spiritual journal

You may plan and keep track of every step of your spiritual development in a single journal. You name it: jot down your prayers, meditations, Tarot card spreads, hymns, and holiday plans. This is ideal for any blank notebook that you feel especially drawn to!


You can use affirmations as a powerful technique to help you have more positive thoughts and attitudes. And a great tool to help you create that habit is an affirmations journal!

Book/ TV show/ Restaurant lists

You could record all the things you’ve been meaning to try but keep forgetting in this journal. Obtain advice on a new restaurant to try? Do it in writing! Having a book recommended to you? Do it in writing!

So you may open this notebook and choose from among the options whether you’re looking for something to eat or a new book to read.

Recipe book

Try writing a recipe book if you want to step up your cooking! Consider it a journal of all the recipes you attempt, complete with your thoughts on each meal. Making a list of everything can help you improve your cooking abilities and become more mindful of your dietary choices.

By creating a recipe bank, you can also add recipes you want to try in the future!

Gratitude journal

I think we could all use a little more thankfulness in our lives. Start a gratitude log in a fresh journal to make it happen! It is really simple and beneficial for the soul to count your blessings.

Blog log

Own a blog? Plan ahead and keep a journal of your achievements! It’s a great way to keep yourself organized and on track. In fact, I wrote an entire essay on how to organize your blog using a pen and blank notebook.

Exercise journal

Whether you want to lose weight, add mass, or maintain a healthy body, an activity journal is a terrific way to do it. Write down your goals, inspiration, and exercises. Make a plan for your workouts and be sure to monitor your progress! It’s ideal if you’re taking part in a program like the Couch to 5k or training for a marathon.

Expenses tracker

Why not hire a financial adviser if you want to better manage your finances? Pay attention to your objectives, such as paying off your student loan debt, setting up an emergency fund, or saving money for a dream vacation. Keep a record of your monthly spending and observe how your spending habits change.

Six word story

It’s that easy. Each day, come up with a six-word tale. It’s a terrific workout for budding poets and authors to complete this entertaining Page Flutter challenge to get their creative juices flowing.

Bucket list

This is a wonderful chance for you to come up with all the spectacular and outrageous things you wish to do in life. They may be lavish, pricey, once-in-a-lifetime occasions, or they may be beloved and enjoyable seasonal activities.

I’ve created seasonal bucket lists for the summer and the fall, and they have only served to increase my appreciation for each!

Travel journal

I’m not sure about you, but every time I travel, I end up being so engrossed in the adventure that I forget to capture it in any way. This implies that I only remember the highlights of days full of deep discovery and enjoyment. In order to preserve all the charm of travel and to appreciate it for years to come, I wish to start a travel journal. You ought to start one if you enjoy traveling.

Unsent letters

Sometimes writing an Unsent Letter is the best course of action when you are upset or irritated with someone in your life. This method from Kathleen Adams’ book Journal to the Self is a potent approach to express your feelings and work through difficult emotions.

You can express all of your anguish, sadness, and pain. Then you can store it safely and secretly. Just be sure it’s hidden from curious eyes!

Nature journal

You could appreciate taking up the hobby of nature journaling if you enjoy taking walks in the outdoors.

You’ll be astounded at the amount of natural beauty you’ll see if you watch your local wildlife as the seasons change.

There are no restrictions on what you can do, even if this list only includes 30 fantastic journaling ideas. You have the flexibility to do whatever you want on the blank page. And don’t think you have to keep a notepad with only one function!

To meet your demands and ensure that you get the most satisfaction possible from your paper friend, mix and match whatever takes your fancy. Check out this article about perfection and overcoming the first obstacle to using a blank notebook if you are anxious about writing on that first frightening page. So grab a pen and jot down anything strikes you as appropriate. Now create something amazing outside!

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